La Rubia is all women.

She is feisty, sweet, elegant and expressive, wild but erotic, feminine and intuitive. She is the dancer who interprets, gives meaning to the scene and colour to the dance.

At La Rubia you can meet, first of all, a friend who listens to and understands your needs. And a relationship sprouts and goes beyond the pure concept of sale.

A shoe does not fit at best any feet, a dress does not enhance or accomplish all aesthetic and character traits in the same way. Clients have to be listened to and understood, so that they can be taken care of. The magical sensation of feeling like a woman inside and outside: this is La Rubia’s intuition, encouraging each customer to be unique in her style. La Rubia underlines in a refined and attentive manner the union between elegance and sensuality, without falling into excess, but knowing how both the woman and the dress became a solo in beauty. Once you wear a La Rubia dress you feel beautiful as never before.